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Equipment's Details

Number of Karate/Taekwondo Mats:155=2 Tatami


Number of Kick pad(Hand holding) : 11

Number of Long Punching &kick Pad : 8

Mirror for self -improvements whil

Number of Non-Chaku of different types:30

Dummy (Kick Practice):^

Number of Pull-up Bar :2

Number of Red Hand Gloves:

Number of Blue Hand Gloves :

Number of Male Chest Guard :4

Number of Female Chest Guard :4

Number of Blue Head Guard :

Number of Red Head Guards :

Resistance Band : 10+

Blue Foot Guard :

Red Foot Guards:

Red Shin Guard:

Blue Shin Guard:

Taekwondo Equipments

Chest Guard: 5+

Elbow Guards : Sets

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